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Counties Hefei Economic Development Zone, the first 3 months of leading the trend

Date: 2013-06-07

Hefei's rapid economic development is inseparable from the urban counties, zone "wheel" driver.A quarter of counties, the zone's economy has maintained healthy and stable growth, the development zone industrial triumph, urban services shine, showing the potential of leading the trend.

Large amount of the open area ratio, the new station area fast

A quarter of the urban counties, economic development zone how? Municipal Bureau of drying out the transcripts.

Data show that the total GDP by the open area ranked first, the new station area GDP growth fastest.Specifically, the open area GDP reached 14.397 billion yuan, ranking the urban counties, the zone of the first packet River District and the Luyang District were 11.558 billion yuan and 9.623 billion yuan, ranking second and third.

From GDP growth perspective, seven counties, districts, development zones than the city average, respectively, for the new station area 17.4%, 17.3%, Chaohu Economic Development Zone, Hefei Economic Development Zone of 16.3%, 13.9%, Feixi, including the River District12.0%, 11.8%, Luyang District, Changfeng County, 11.6%.Seven counties, districts, development zones on the city's economic growth rate of 66.8 percent, pulling the city's GDP grew by 7.6 percentage points.

On the industrial industry "leader" can not shake

A quarter, completed a total of four development zones 20.64 billion yuan of industrial added value, up 14.8 percent, the city's industrial economic growth rate of 48.8 percent, pulling the city's industrial growth of 7 percent.

Since zoning adjustment, county (city) full play to their location, resources and other advantages, and actively adjust the industrial structure, vigorously develop new industrialization, to achieve faster economic development.A quarter, five counties (city) completed a total industrial added value of 14.412 billion yuan, the city's industrial economic growth rate of 35.1 percent, pulling the city's industrial growth of 5 percent.

City services have sprung up everywhere to see highlights

Row upon row of shopping malls, a rising professional big market, ease of logistics services sector witnessed a rapid rise in Hefei.Especially in the four urban areas, services have sprung up everywhere, growing influence.

A quarter of the total in four districts of the tertiary industry was 22.589 billion yuan to complete, an increase of 10.5 percent, 2.4 percentage points higher than the city, the city's tertiary industry growth rate of 73.6 percent, pulling the city's tertiary industry increased by 6 percentage points.

For-profit services, financial services and non-profit service sector growth a bright spot.A quarter, four city-profit service sector added value of 3.793 billion yuan total, an increase of 11%; financial industry added value of 4.204 billion yuan total, an increase of 14.2%; non-profit service sector added value of 4.509 billion yuan total,an increase of 8.2%.