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Hefei will also open charter flights travel to the Thai

Date: 2012-11-05

Provincial capital outbound tourism, in the opening of tourist charter flights in Bangkok, Thailand tour suddenly become "the popularity of the king".On November 1, reporters from the provincial capital of tourism market, before the end of the year, hefei to Bangkokflight.Will continue to encryption, hefei to phuket "air fast channel" will also be get through, this also means that our province visitors to Thailand tourism will have more and more excellent choice.

Non-stop flight to Bangkok swim line will be "upgrade"

From the provincial capital tourist market news shows that so far, hefei to Bangkok's charter flights travel, has gone out two classes, attendance full up.In November, 4, 9, 11,flight has basic sold out."Anhui cyts staff said, in the first two trip charter flight line, on the basis of next week will also launch" upgrade edition ".

We in Bangkok, pattaya, investigates the surrounding dozens of hotels, resorts, is in order to make adjustment stroke, let eat, live more accord with anhui people taste."Cyts Tours in anhui products company general manager ShenHongWen said, Thailand's second largest city mahayana, Thai royal meal, bird's nest meal and the du labradors promotion to record "spot water century city, will be brought into the stroke will choose line, at the same time, will also extend in pattaya tour time.

Local Thai travel agency responsible for takeoff of their followers had's dew also said, Chiang mai and golden triangle area, holiday, quest swim very attraction.Next, DeJieShe will integrate these tourism resources, make new tourist routes for anhui tourists choice, "five days in Chiang mai, golden triangle area self-help, reception cost about 5000 yuan of less than.